Our Terms & Conditions

Order Enquiries

We take orders on short notices too, but first come first served basis and are not secured until a deposit or payment in full is received.
Kindly check the date and availability before booking. Also mention any allergies.

Deposits & Payments

For orders over a month away, 25% deposit deposit is required to secure your order with us.

The remaining balance of your order must be paid before collection upon delivery. *Please contact us before making your final payment at this time.
For orders under a month away, or where the order value is less than £95, payment in full is required immediately upon ordering. If you prefer you may pay your order in full and not take part in the deposit scheme.
We do not offer any credit services for payments after delivery.

We will turn down all other customer enquiries from the moment you have placed your order and therefore deposits are non refundable under all circumstances regardless of the notice given or the reason for cancellation.

Order Date Amendments

We understand that you may need to amend the dates of your celebrations and your cake orders owing to COVID-19 only, so are therefore waiving the usual terms and conditions below in relation to this. We will accommodate all changes free of charge, and all deposits and payments already made will be carried forward to your new date providing you give us at least 7 days notice. Please let us know your new order date and any additional details via email to beaulieubekery@gmail.com at least 7 days in advance so we can rebook you.

Changes to your order collection or delivery date more than 24 hours either side of the initial agreed date are rarely possible owing to other work commitments we will have planned in around your order. If you wish to amend your order date please contact us as soon as possible but we aware that changes cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to amend your order date, and you are unable to accommodate the original agreed date, your order will be cancelled and your deposit will be non refundable. If you are changing your order date within a month and have already paid your order balance, only 25% of the total order value will be refunded to you when we are unable to make the new date.

Any order date amendments over 24 hours either side of the initial agreed date will be classed as an order cancellation and a new order will need to be placed. The deposit from your first order placed is non refundable in this case and a new deposit will need to be left for your new order or if it is under a month away payment in full will be taken to secure it. We are unable to guarantee new order dates will be possible as other customers may have already booked these.

Order Design Amendments

We work hard to provide you with a clear design idea and cost before taking your deposit to make sure you are happy to proceed. Once you have booked, we will reserve the required amount time in our schedule to make that specific cake design, which will vary greatly depending on how labour intensive your order is. If you wish to amend your order in any way please let us know as soon as possible but bear in mind there may not be capacity to make a design that is more time heavy as it will depend on what else is booked in. We will also re quote you on design additions and amendments and normal payment terms for the increased labour/materials apply.

Order reductions or down sizing may not be for more than 20% of the original order value as we will have turned down other customer orders for the time we had booked out to make your specific order, and the time that would have taken.

Delivery & Collection

Your delivery time bracket will be discussed with you before taking your order and following this changes cannot be guaranteed as our staff drive cakes and often work on a tight schedule.

We will always take photos of your cake(s) when they are delivered and/or set up at your address or venue and are not responsible for any damages that occur after our safe delivery.

If you are not in to take your delivery as arranged or if it is refused on site or by the venue, or if it is not possible for us to make your delivery for any reason outside of our control, your cakes will be left in the most secure place we can find at the time and you will be notified of this by email or telephone. We are not liable for any damages or losses and no refunds or compensation in part or in full will be given under these circumstances.


We will provide you with specific times for collection at the time of ordering to make sure these are suitable for you and also for us. Our working hours vary therefore changes to collection times may not be possible. Late collection charges may apply £10 every half an hour. And £5 every 15 minutes.

On collecting your order the cake/cakes will be shown to you by us. It is your responsibility to check that it is made as expected. We are unable to provide any refunds partial or in full regarding any issue that is brought to our attention after collection.

When transporting, cakes must never be placed on a tilted seat or held on laps unless completely flat. They must always be transported on a flat surface and driven with the utmost care. We take no responsibility for damages to cakes after they leave our possession. If you are unsure about your ability to transport your cake safely you can ask us for a quote for delivery. All deliveries are subject to availability. Also make sure you keep the collected cakes cool, preferably in car- air condition, and at home/ venue in refrigerator.

If you are sending somebody to collect the cake on your behalf it is your responsibility to inform them of the above information.